Friday, March 20, 2020

Next Issue Of Guap

After completing those task I felt like ending it off on a feature was not satisfying enough to close off Guap so I decided to do a closing by creating a basis of the next issue of Guap. This was a good idea on my part because before I didn't know where to put my second model and she couldn't really fit in with the previous pages. So creating this last page was the best thing I could of done to add a closing statement and to include my second model in the magazine.

Since my model is the youngest model I have having Guap Speak of the even younger generation would be the most optimal thing I could do. And speaking of the future I thought it would be cool for Guap to speak about the future of the rap industry. One of the things that I find cool about this page is that my model is looking at the Guap logo that is a nice touch. I also made even further adjustments to the page but because I am essentially done with the magazine you will see the adjustments on the actually magazine. Naturally I updated the table of contents as well.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Table of Contents Analysis and Progression

With the table of contents I had to express what was exactly going to be in my magazine. I believe I successfully did so with the table of contents.  And as you can see with the before and after shots while keeping the same layout I drastically changed the visuals. I improved the look of my magazine befitting that of my vision.